Copyright 2009, Golden Idol Customs & Restoration
What We Are
Golden Idol Customs & Restoration is a small operation located in the heart of the Northeast, PA
area.  We are a father/daughter operation with a dedication to trying new projects and constantly
increasing our expertise.  We restore antique cars, as well as do customization projects.

We are migrating away from customer work and beginning to focus solely on the many projects of
our own.  Lined up right now are 17 different cars that will be restored or customized.  Some we
will keep, the rest will be shown across the country and then sold.  
Who We Are
We are owned and managed by a father and daughter team.  

John has 50 years of experience with mechanical and auto body work.  Yes, 50 years.  Since
childhood, his focus has been on cars - how they work, how they look, how to make them better.  
His dedication and talent show in each car he accomplishes and with each idea he comes up with.

Julee is mainly the office manager and web designer, but is steadily learning more about auto body
work and restoration.   She is becoming an expert sander!  Having grown up around cars and
having spent most of her formative years on a creeper aggravating her dad with questions, she is
eager to learn more and someday become as talented and knowledgeable as her dad.  
What It Means
Golden Idol Customs and Restoration has some very special meaning.  

First, Golden Idol stands for our flagship car.  A 1957 Studebaker GoldenHawk Convertible.  We
have collected the pieces, including the car, and will begin building it in the spring.  The car will be
gold, and will be called the Golden Idol, after the infamous Jade Idol built by Gene Winfield, an
inspiration to all we do.

Second, Golden Idol is Biblical.   

Cars, like so many other material goods, are often worshipped as gods, when the Bible clearly
states that there is only one God, and no other gods shall be worshipped besides Him.  Even in the
Bible, those who thought God wasn't paying attention began to worship a golden idol, bowing and
praying to it, instead of God.  As Christians, we here at Golden Idol Customs believe that any idol
worship is clearly wrong and should be stopped, as part of the agreement with God to reach

So why would we call ourselves Golden Idol if a Golden Idol is a bad thing?

Jesus, when he came, focused his time on those that needed Him most.  The Idol worshippers, the
thieves, the prostitutes.  He preached the Gospel to the people who were far from the path of
righteousness.  We hope, that with a name like Golden Idol Customs and Restoration, we can bring
the people to us, and then to God, who really need it the most.  Those who worship material gods
and have strayed from the path of righteousness.  Those who think worshipping a "Golden Idol" is
an acceptable thing will be attracted to the idea of a Golden Idol and will seek it out, and will then be
surprised to find out that our way is the Way of the Lord, and then perhaps we can show them the
right path on which to walk.