Within the December 2009 issue of Rod & Custom Magazine, hides a project that is not
for the faint of heart.  Not for the weary.  Not for those who don't have the
follow-through to start and finish such an ambitious project.  I'm speaking, of course,
of the Dream Car of the Month, the 1957 DeSoto Firejet designed by the renowned
custom car designer, Keith Kaucher.  The car is a homogenization of a 1957 Desoto, a
1960 Plymouth, and several design features from late-'50s Chevys, among other
things.  It's beauty lies in its sleek, straight lines, and potential for a place in the
Custom Car history books.  One problem with this car:  It doesn't exist.  Yet.

Golden Idol Customs and Restoration is taking on the task or making this vision a
reality.  Here we will chronicle the project from start-to-finish.

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     We already have the DeSoto body for the car, so the next logical step was to find
the roof.  We found a perfect candidate - a 1960 Plymouth - at a local junkyard.  All
the glass was still intact, save for one vent window.  The windshield and slightly
fogged, so we can't use it, but it will be good practice for figuring out the cut when we
chop the roof.  The stainless steel trim is in immaculate condition, and all of the trim
we needed was there.  

Click on the thumbnails below to see the process of taking the car apart and cutting
off the roof.
all photos and pages copyright 2009 golden idol customs and restoration